Research the internet and find an article, video or webpage that contains pertinent information about community fire prevention efforts.  You have free reign over the topic.  

1.  Post the link to the article, video or webpage so that your classmates can view it.

2.  Give a detailed summary of the article, video or webpage that you chose. 



The Volusia county has a team mission that is to protect life, property, and the environment by having efficient and responsive services. They offer free education programs and have an open door policy with people coming into the stations to ask question. These education programs involve going to  school to teach children about fire safety. They show the children the proper way to handle a fire and what not too do. They do community educations as well so that families can learn what to do together. They want the community to be aware of how dangerous fires can be so they make sure that you can get the information from not only there wedsites but from the classes they offer. The website is the main place to get information, watch safety video, permits, and location of the nearest fire department. There are 21 fire rescue fire station that are open 24/7 and offer the community free fire education programs. With the fire departments being placed in locations miles apartment they are able to have their own areas to cover and watch over.

The communities don’t always see that fire fighter aren’t always sitting around. My wife and I took our older two children to the fire house to talk to the fire fighter and to see the trucks. The fire fighters were there making sure their equipment was all good and that everything was in working order. A lot goes into keeping a fire house running. In our area the fire fighter are always driving around talking to the children when they see them outside about all different types of safety from bikes, fire, and , strangers. Each child gets a hat and little Dalmatian stuffed animal. Education is key to keeping everyone safe.


Fire Prevention is a basis to our operations. In the last few years we have seen what it has done by bringing down the number of fires that we respond to. We have also seen some changes in the materials that have come from this. The article that I have chosen for this week is about how there are people in the fire service that want to change Fire Prevention to Community Risk Reduction. It is written by Brent Faulkner for the International Fire Chiefs Association.


I agree with Brent, the changes that would make Fire prevention into Community Risk Reduction is absurd. He states that there should be two divisions of the fire service. One for prevention and one for risk reduction. I agree, these division could work together but they need to be separate for a few reasons. “Here’s the problem with labeling Fire Prevention as Community Risk Reduction. We automatically place the responsibility for CRR on Fire Prevention and not the larger, better staffed, better funded, more politically active, majority of the department in Fire Operations.” (Faulkner, 2019) Brent goes on to say that people in operations do tend to say that the risk reduction is Preventions issue. He is right. I have seen it in my own department, and it does not work.


Brent shows the break down on how the two division would work, and where the money would come from for the new division. He has shown a typical problem that a lot of departments have. This risk reduction is not just one divisions issue, It’s a department and leadership issue. Everyone should be working on this and the blame or responsibility should be shared. “Every member of the fire service has a role in Community Risk Reduction. This includes the fire chief, administrative assistants, fire prevention, volunteers, fire administration, cadets, explorers, fire educators, and yes even fire operations.” (Faulkner, 2019)

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