Quantitative text analysis is a systematic method of coding textual elements into nominal or ordinal categories (numbers or rankings) in order to be analyzed.A quantitative analysis of texts researches how often a behavior or situation occurs (nominal or numbers), or to what extent (ordinal or ranking), not why it happens or the emotions behind it (which is qualitative analysis). For instance, with the topic of parent-child interactions in TV sitcoms, the researcher might count the amount of times a parent gives advice, or a child tells a joke at the expense of the parent (these would be the variables studied by the researcher). The emotions that this creates, the reactions of the characters and the consequences are not part of quantitative analysis (these would be qualitative research instead).For the Assignment this week you are going to develop a quantitative text analysis design, create a coding scheme for the variables, collect data, and test the coding scheme.To complete the Assignment, choose one of the topics listed below and address all the elements. You do not need to write an essay; just provide your answers and details for each of the following:List the variables you would like to study. These are the variables in the interaction that interest you (conceptualization step). Choose behaviors or situations that you can count or rank.Discuss the sampling methods, coding units, and measurements of the chosen variables (operationalization step).Develop a simple coding scheme that can be used for the variables.Collect data.Code two examples of your data to see how well the coding scheme works.Provide a wrap up of the design. It is feasible? How well would it work to gather useful data? Add any final thoughts on the process.Your topic is:Host-guest interaction on TV talk shows Preparing Your Assignment  The body of your paper should be between 500 and 600 words, or about two pages. Use one-inch margins on all sides of the paper.Use a 12-point font such as Times New Roman or Arial.The paper will be based on your thoughts and, therefore, will not require outside citations. However, if you do cite outside references (including the text), you will have to provide the source information. In addition, Assignments should demonstrate careful proofreading

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