1. Question  (TCO 1) The Neolithic Revolution was a result of  (Points : 5) The Neolithic Revolution was a result of

controlled planting of crops.

domestication of animals.

development of irrigation systems.

All of the above.

2. Question : (TCO 1) Francis Bacon argued that scientific method differed from logic and mathematics in that

science begins with general theory then moves to phenomena.

logic begins with phenomena then moves to general conclusions.
mathematics moves from the specific to the theory.

scientific inquiry starts with the phenomena and ends in theory.

3. Question : (TCOs 2 & 8) Rapid urbanization in Britain during the 19th century was the result of

new enclosure laws in rural areas.

a shift from household production to factory production.

a growing dependence upon steam power.

All of the above.

Question 4.4.(TCOs 2 & 8) Although telephone systems had much in common with telegraph systems, telephone technology was a more social technology because

the telephone was a user-to-user technology.

the telegraph required trained interpreters as intermediaries.

the telegraph networked businesses and agencies.

All of the above

Question 5.5.(TCO 4) In Wiki art, the artist is (Points : 5)
a trained professional with computer skills.
acknowledged for each individual contribution.
anyone who collaborates on creating and recreating a piece.
usually a CGI expert.

7. Question : (TCO 8): The most culturally influential class in Industrial Britain was

the urban proletariat.

the land-owning aristocracy.

the growing number of factory workers.

the wealthy middle classes.

Question 7.7.(TCO 8) In Britain, members of the industrial middle classes

kept summer homes in the country to avoid deadly smog.

became Luddites and destroyed machines.

supported labor reforms in Parliament.

did not send their children to work in factories.

8. Question : (TCO 11) Which of the following is NOT a scholarly resource?

Chicago Tribune

Journal of the American Medical Association

Dr. Phil


Question 9.9.(TCO 12) The term nanotechnology was first used to refer to  (Points : 5)

genetically engineered crops.

production technology.

communication between multiple cells.

early personal computers.

Question 10.10.(TCO 12) In China, much research into genetically modified organisms is sponsored by the state, but in the west, research is  (Points : 5)

primarily publicly funded.

left solely to research universities.

driven by a handful of large for-profit corporations.

guided by public input and consultation.



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