Your second paper will be on Oedipus the King by Sophocles. In this play, Sophocles examines the theme of fate versus free will. He does this through multiple motifs such as light versus darkness or sight versus blindness. You may find other motifs or symbols throughout the play.

For your paper, you will examine this play’s theme (fate versus free will). Be sure to construct a thesis statement that you will be able to prove through thoughtful scrutiny of the play, supported by evidence from the text.

You may use any translation of the play, but be sure to cite it properly, as you should cite everything.

You may use additional sources but they MUST be cited properly. If I cannot check your sources, you will lose points.

This paper should be approximately 3 pages in length (around 750 words).

Remember to check your word count. Papers with fewer than 700 words will lose points as a result. Don’t forget to include a Works Cited page and use MLA style and formatting.

There is a rubric for this paper. It is different from the rubric used for the first paper. Please check your paper against the rubric to be sure you have done everything correctly in order to receive the best grade.

This paper needs to be submitted online AND printed out and handed in.

The online submission and the paper submission have to be done together. DO NOT submit the paper online and tell me that you will print out the paper and get it to me past a deadline I have established. If you want the extra credit, BOTH have to be done by the deadline. Otherwise, no dice. 

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