The IoT and the Environment impacts of this technology

I need a research paper that tries to find wether the (Internet of Things) is good or bad for the environment in the future. The impact on the environment in terms of natural resources, or clean air, disposables etc. Find if IoT is good or bad in that sense.


The paper has to include things like (Smart Home Technolgies and many other applications of the IoT.)

The paper is minumum 1500 wrods

Include at least 5 acedimaic resources for the research and include some direct quotes from the resources or paraphrase which is better. 


You must read and follow the paper instuctions in the ducment uploaded “research_paper_advice1” It must follow the outline listed there.


You must use this introduction to start: 


Historically, world governments and environmental organizations have focused heavily on the negative environmental and energy impacts, or “footprint”, of information and communications technologies. However, the new technology called the Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging, as there will be more than 50 Billion devices connected to a wireless network by 2020. Therefore, by implementing the Internet of Things most of our electronic devices will be connected to each other, and by doing that it is argued that it will drastically improve the way we preserve our planet by allowing those devices to automatically control and reduce our daily impacts on the environment.  However, this research paper tries to find wether those claims about the IoT heping the environemnt are true or not.



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