Not more than 500 words, although the due date is on Tuesday 15th October, it is not urgent because I’ve already done it. I only asked for help here because I’d like to compare other writing styles with what I have already done. It’ll be ideal if I can receive a preview of whatever you can come up with, before the due date at 12noon Tuesday 15th.


Introduction: Short answer stating what is NF-kappa B (no lay-man terms)

Body: It’s role in pregnancy and parturition (labour)

Conclusion: Short and concise. 

References: As many as needed, but one article should suffice. On a separate page and APA style.
1 side A4, 11pt Arial, single spaced, all margins 2cm, references on separate page
Find below a word document with some annotations, but cannot be use as is since they were copy/paste for me to use as reference and to have an idea on how and what to write about.
Find also, the article from where the annotations were taken and please use APA style for referring to the article. You do not have to use this article specifically, I’m only providing it so you can also have an idea of what I need.

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