Chapter 1: Question no. 5


            Would you want to work for a foreign-owned firm? Why or why not?



Chapter 2: Question no. 2






Chapter 3: Question no. 2


            What is the impact of vigorous enforcement of intellectual property rights on the world economy? Who gains and who loses from strict enforcement of these laws?





Chapter 4: Question no. 2


            How can international business people avoid relying on the self- reference criterion when dealing with people from other countries?



Chapter 5: Question no.


Do you think that social responsibility for a multinational corporation is something best managed locally or best managed globally?



Chapter 6: Question no. 4





B, Who benefits and who loses from the new plant in Alabama?



C, Is the firm’s decision to build the new plant consistent with Dunning’s eclectic theory?


  Chapter 7: Question 2


United States

   Chapter 8: Question 3


            Do you expect the U.S. dollar to maintain its position as the dominant currency in the foreign- exchange market once the euro is fully established? Why or why not?



  Chapter 9: Question 1


            What are the advantages and disadvantages of an industrial policy?



  Chapter 10: Question 3


            Should international businesses promote or fight the creation of regional trading blocks?


            Chapter 11: Question 6


            Why do relatively few international firms pursue a single- product strategy?



Chapter 12: Question no. 1


            Do you think that it is possible for someone to make decision about entering a particular foreign market without having visited that market? Why or why not?




Chapter 13: Question no. 7


            Why would a firm decide to enter a new market on its own rather than using a strategic alliance?



  Chapter 14: Question 4


            Why is a global matrix design almost transitional in nature?



  Chapter 15: Question 1


            Which do you think is a more powerful determinant of human behavior – cultural factors or individual differences?



  Chapter 16: Question 1


            What are the similarities and differences between domestic and international marketing?



  Chapter 17: Question 6


            List 10 products you use for which quality is important in your purchasing decision. Which countries, if any, have reputations (good or bad) for each of these particular products?




  Chapter 18: Question 4


            How does capital budgeting for international projects differ from that for domestic products?




  Chapter 19: Question 4


            How can an international firm use transfer pricing to increase its after- tax income?




  Chapter 20: Question 4


            If you were being assigned to a foreign position, what specific training requests would you make of your employee?








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