Looking at the internment of American citizens of Japanese ancestry it from my perspective, I believe this type of action is morally wrong and I think its contradicting to what America stands for and its civil liberties. However, this is based on my opinion and being that Americans can be dogmatic at times it’s hard to change the way how they may think based on the situation and what outcome they want to achieve. In chapter 11 of our text book, rosenstand discussed that if you are not in agreeance with the masses, you are considered stupid and irrational. Many Americans at the time of the internment felt it was the right thing to do to keep their country safe. However, they may have a point by letting the good suffer for the bad in-order to identify potential threats to the homeland but this is not the right way of going about it. 
Unfortunately, we see ourselves back into this similar situation with the current presidential race. One presidential candidate in particular, strongly believe that one group of people should be heavily monitored based on their religious preference and the sad thing about it is that he is receiving a lot of support based on his idea. Once again this is in violation of their civil liberties.


During the era of war between Japan and USA, the interment must have come as a blow to the Japanese-American citizens. Their move to the country was founded under belief they are moving to the land of freedom and free of persecution of any kind. Without evidence of internal espionage or terrorism and crime, the cause was not morally justified. Therefore the reparations was necessary. This was a great example of cultural relativism then. Today we see similar behavior toward Muslims in this country. Because of the actions of radical extremist in Middle East, Muslims in this country are feeling the heat similarly as the Japanese citizens did.

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