In this lab you are required to do a home hazard assessment. Because of privacy, you can also do a friend or relative’s home, or even a public place. The goal is to identify natural hazard, which may exist around where you live. The report is expected to be 5-10 pages long, double-spaced with 12pt font, and plenty of pictures.

Requirements :

Location map : Provide a regional map (so I know where it is at) and a local map (showing the location of the property). Try to have this map be a topographic map, so it shows elevation. This is important because of flooding issues. Google map is a good tool. But if you cannot find a topographic map a satellite image will do. Just identify high to low areas.


Natural hazards : Identify any potental natural hazards in your area. Describe what they are and the risk associated with them (eg. low, medium, high). Things like FEMA flood plain maps or your Counties risk/hazrd maps might be real helpful.



Preparedness:   What have you done to be prepared? Identify evacuation routes, which will not be effected by the hazard. Do you know where gas and electrical shut off valves are? Do you have a plan with you family encase you are separated? Do you have a disaster preparedness kit?

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