Just need a praragraph for two discussions.

For the first discussion, the question will be “What are some major organisms/animals that evolved during the Eocene to the Holocene?

If your last name starts with A-E research the Eocene and Oligocene for organisms.  

If your name starts with F-M research the Miocene and Pliocene.  

N-Z the Pleistocene and Holocene.

Research this online using academic sites and post some information.  Also include the dates and time periods associated with the organisms according to the geologic time scale.  List the sites you used…remember this is an essay format so no listing.” (My last name is Wu)


Second one will be “According to the primate fossil recored, there existed a species that we now call Giagantopithecus.  Some claim that this species explains why human populations around the world have a belief or story associated with a large ape that roamed the earth.  Research this online a bit and explain your thoughts on this topic.  Could Giagantopithecus be our Bigfoot?  Post some pics as well if you find them!

Use academic sites, provide the links and always summarize the information yourself.”

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