In this assignment, you will analyze a potential  disaster in which the community you reside should prepare. Some  possibilities are catastrophic fires, floods, toxic releases, or certain  disease outbreaks.

Part 1: Community Description

In this section, you will write a one-page description of your community. In your description, include the following: Describe the demographics (gender, ethnicity, socio-economic) and geography (location and environmental features). Describe the assets of this community. Refer to both internal and external resources. Identify the multiple levels of government and the health services  that would be expected to react to a disaster. At the smallest level of  government, which has health services, find the names of health  officials, their titles, and their supervising agencies (e.g., school  district, mayor’s office, county, etc.). Describe the type of disaster that could happen in this community. Explain why this type of disaster is a possibility for this  community. Make sure to include pertinent ethnographic and epidemiologic  factors.

Part 2: A Disaster-Preparedness Plan 

In this section, you will propose a  disaster-preparedness plan for potential future disasters. In your plan,  include your responses to the following: Propose preparedness guidelines for community health officials. Include guidelines for the following: Public education on both the potential disaster and what individuals can do to prepare. Communication guidelines for families, communities (i.e., neighborhoods), and government entities. Explain ways in which both health agencies and health delivery  services might be affected by this type of disaster. Consider such  things as the need for quarantine or evacuation, supplies and logistics,  inter and intra-agency communications, etc. Justify how this preparedness plan benefits the community. Make sure  to address health access, quality, safety, and other factors of public  health performance.

Part 3: A Disaster-Responsiveness Plan

In this section, you will create a  disaster-responsiveness plan for local health officials. In your plan,  include your responses to the following: Discuss probable roles for health departments and related resources  in the recovery phase following the critical event and the immediate  community response. Propose an assessment and indicate the type of data that would need  to be collected and explain how it would be beneficial to recovery  efforts. Develop an internal and external communication plan for public  health agencies and explain how the communication plan would improve  responsiveness, allow for shared information, and provide physical and  mental recovery needs. Justify how this preparedness plan benefits the community. Make sure  the planning allows for flexibility and decision authority, but adheres  to principles of health access, quality, safety, and other factors of  public health performance.

Write an 8–12-page paper in Word format. Make sure to write in a clear,  concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in  accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate  spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Include citations in text and at  the end of the document in the correct APA format.

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