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A hospital emergency room analyzed n = 17,664 hourly observations on its average occupancy rates using six binary predictors representing days of the week and two binary predictors representing the 8-hourwork shift (12 A.M.–8 A.M., 8 A.M.–4 P.M., 4 P.M.–12 A.M.) when the data were collected.The fitted regression equation was AvgOccupancy = 11.2 + 1.19 Mon − 0.187 Tue − 0.785 Wed − 0.580 Thu − 0.451 Fri − 0.267 Sat − 4.58 Shift1 − 1.65 Shift2 (SE = 6.18, R2 = .094, R2adj = .093).



The analyst used only six binaries for days when there are 7 days in a week because one binary must be omitted to prevent perfect multicollinearity.


Yes or no


The analyst used only two work shift binaries when there are three work shifts


Because one binary could be ignored as predator

So as to simplify the calculations

To prevent perfect multicollinerity


(c) The busiest day is.

Thursday Monday Wednesday or Saturday


(d) The busiest shift is.

Shift 1 2 or 3



The intercept represents the AvgOccupancy on Sundays during Shift 3.


True or false


The regression fit is.

Poor or Very good

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