Hello class! I can’t believe it is week eight already! I have really enjoyed this class and I learned a lot. My favorite part of the course was learning about the threats and hazards that my specific area has. It was really cool to review the Emergency Operations Plan for my county and try to figure out what could be improved. I think it would be a good idea for every person to review what hazards they face in their town. Knowing that information will allow you to be able to prepare properly. That information could save your life! I doubt that many people in my area even know that they are in the pathway of a two nuclear power plants. If a disaster caused one of them to blow up, most people would not be prepared or know what to do!

What I learned in this class will definitely help me out in the future. The information we learned about could potentially be life saving one day! It made me think about how I have prepared for emergency situations and I talked it over with my family. We discussed escape plans in case of a fire and where we would go if we had to evacuate the city. Like I said in a previous post, after taking Intro to Disaster Management, I went on Amazon and bought a three day survival pack with food, water, medical kit, and other miscellaneous supplies. I learned how important it is to be prepared!


Well, I have enjoyed sharing and learning with everyone the past eight weeks. What I feel I have enjoyed learning the most was about threats and hazards because it really made me look at the little town I lie in and our surrounding service area.  I knew how vulnerable Danforth was when it came to things such as the rail line literally splitting the town in two along with the river. But until this class, I never realized just how big of a problem it really is.  Also, as for wildfires how limited some of the access is to areas that might need to be evacuated.  Narrow dirt roads with one way in and one way out.  This has also enlightened me as to how poor our town emergency plan really is and how little our Emergency Manager really does.  I also enjoyed how this class expanded on the introduction to Emergency Management.


What I have learned in this class will help me with preplanning when I look at the area and what hazards there are and how to overcome the hazards with mitigation and what resources might be needed.  I also feel that this class will help me in my next course Emergency and Disaster Incident Command.  One last thing that this course will help me with is possibly becoming the next Emergency Manager for the town.  I wish everyone the best of luck on the final and in your next class.  Thank you for sharing and helping me learn these past weeks.

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