Discuss what security precautions you would take, as an arson investigator, when hazardous materials are involved.



Fire investigators respond to various residential, commercial, and industrial fire scenes on a daily basis. There are always hazardous materials and situations that will arise, and being alert and aware of your surroundings is critical.

First i would make sure my safety comes first. I would talk to the first responders on scene to find out information such as potential hazards inside and outside before entering a structure or approaching an arson related fire.

These hazards could be bystanders, odors, smoldering smoke, the structure itself could be dangerous, electrical, etc.

I would make sure I have the proper PPE’s and my equipment is in good working order. I would also make sure the structure was stable before entering.

Also I would find out about the utilities, especially the electrical, I may have change into rubber boots due to water and electrical damages do not mix. I do not want to get shocked. Plus hazardous gases may still be present so having a respirator handy is a good thing.

It is crutucal to do a Sizing Up of a scene before approaching any scene. Asking questions from the bystandees and first responders will help you stay alive and having the right training and equipment is essential.


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A Guide for Investigating Fire and Arson | National Institute of Justice


So for the matter of a fire investigations dealing with hazardous materials involved when a fire takes. First when need to make sure they are secured and safe before entering and handling the scene. Also make sure we have the proper PPE when handling the scene.

First making sure the scene is safe and secure is important because with hazards materials it can make the scene worse. And not containing and securing the scene could make things worse and unable to see cause of fire or incident. And most important of containing a hazard scene is doing a proper decon to meet the response.

Propper PPE is most important because wearing wrong gear can endanger you or others. Depending on the hazardous fire incident dealing with will determine if fire gear meets it or hazmats suits will be needed.And such suites as A B or even C could be needed as well as a hazamat response team.

In conclusion these two standards securing and making scene is safe is needed in a hazardous fire as well as proper PPE. 

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