Design of next generation sports helmets for the asian market. (Material Science)

I would only require teacher to write the below portion of the paper for me

Introduction & Literature Review (Material science research and context)

1. Introduction

1.1. Background (Ice hockey + ice hockey helmets)


1.2. Problems with ice hockey helmets (general/briefly describe)


2. Literature Review

2.1. Development of ice hockey helmets (1st, 2nd generations…)


2.2. Problems with ice hockey helmets (more in depth. Eg. deaths/injuries in ice hockey when people wear helmets)


2.3. Materials used for current ice hockey helmets (history + properties of materials used)


3. References



University Work

1.     Times New Roman, size 12, 1.5 line spacing

2.     Paraphrase, strictly no direct lifting of information from sources is allowed

3.     IEEE referencing

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