Sampling technique


The generalizability of a research study is dictated by how well the sample represents the selected population. In the early stages of research design, the sample and requisite sample size need to be determined. In addition, how the selected population will be accessed must be considered. Without an adequate sample size, while the research may still be valid and informative, it is less likely that the results may be generalized to the larger population. When reading research reports, or conducting your own analysis, it is important not to over generalize research findings if the sample size does not warrant application of the findings to the larger population.

I am to select one article and examine carefully the sampling procedures and then generalizations made regarding the findings. With these thoughts in mind, respond to the following based on your selected article.


1.) What type of sampling technique was used?

2.) Are the conclusions of the article within the boundaries of the sample? Alternatively, have the authors generalized beyond the ability of the sample?

3.) Have the authors misused the sampling technique in any way and, if so, how?


Abar. C. Patrick, M. E (2008) .How important are Parent during college years? . Journal of addictive behavior 33, 1360â?”1368




In the Patrick article, “How important are parents during the college years.” the sampling methodology that was used was the simple random sampling technique, in which a random sampling of college students of a particular size, in which there were no prerequisites for which these individuals were selected as a part of the sample, except that they were college students, who had some form of parental influence in regards to their drinking and other activities on the college campus. This sampling method is a method that adequately minimizes the amount of bias that is possible in the selection process, as well as ensures that the analysis process is simplistic as well.

The conclusions of this article are well within the boundaries of the sample, due to the fact that the sample of students used that to a conclusion that parental influence during the years before a student actually entered college, was very instrumental in increasing the statistical probability that that student would refrain from drinking behaviors that were dangerous to themselves and others. In essence, the author did not generalize beyond the boundary of the sample, due to the fact that the sample was generally inclusive of the typical population of the given college, which will make it very difficult to generalize beyond the parameters, which are very far-reaching. In general, I don’t believe that the author misused the sampling technique, because it was a general sample, and the sample proved adequate for ascertaining the pertinent information that the research was developed to analyze.



Abar. C. Patrick, M. E (2008) .How important are Parent during college years? . Journal of addictive behavior 33, 1360â?”1368

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