Use a minimum of five current resources published within the past five years to begin formulating a synopsis of the next set of overall issues regarding the West Africa Ebola Outbreak Investigative Methodology . The synopsis should be a maximum of 2 pages and should incorporate responses to the following:

 Discuss the basic epidemiological concepts, methods, and applications of the West Africa Ebola Outbreak Investigative Methodology  in general and those specific to this topic.Describe the Ebola virus epidemiology of infection—occurrence, modes of transmission, common vehicles, and incubation period. Use the modes of transmission and incubation period for a disease to focus the search for the source of the outbreak or event described in the case study.Describe the Ebola virus occurrence, signs and symptoms, and control of the agent, the infection, the disease, or the condition.

List the steps that might be used to investigate and address the Ebola virus


Create your paper in a Microsoft Word document.


Remember, there needs to be a minimum of 5 references that are not older than 5 years.

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