Students will be required to complete a 7-10 page final paper for this course. The final paper will require the student to select an infectious or chronic disease and provide a brief history and overview of this topic and how it is currently impacting public health today. Since topics may vary, formatting will as well; however, students will need to provide:
� Abstract
� History of the disease
� Symptoms of the disease
� The cause of the disease (and how/when the cause was discovered)
� Method to spread the disease (if chronic disease, populations most affected in the US)
� Methods to contain the disease
� Number of people infected or affected today (number of deaths, if applicable); may also use graphs and tables
o Use descriptive epidemiology concepts
� Public health costs (i.e. local, federal, hospitalizations, nursing, hospice)
� Treatments, in any available
� Current and future educational efforts needed by public health professionals to reduce spread of disease

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