Part 1  – Research two categories of cures for your disease: 

1) Herbal and “natural” cures, and

2)  The classical medical treatments promoted by western doctors .Compare them and cite any and all research that would uphold the cure claims.Include pictures.

Part 2  -Look at the economic implications of the two different cure methods you studied. What will the natural method cost you?Are the “natural” treatments easy to grow? Expensive to buy?What will the Western medicine method cost you?How much profit do the pharmaceutical companies make?Include pictures

Part 3 : Folklore and Faulty ArgumentsInclude any and all folklore or cultural practices for the herbal or natural curesIdentify 4 faulty arguments by name that you find in your researchInclude pictures

Part 4:  Using all your research, design a cure protocol for yourself 9or family member) to follow. Lay it step by step in detail.Using the scientific method, suggest a protocol for determining whether your cure will work on you  (or your family member). I require some thoughtful and thorough steps here. Please make sure you clearly label the steps of the scientific method. Review Module 1 if necessary.

ConclusionCome to a personal conclusion about your treatment.Are you going to try the cure you designed? Why or why not?

Details Please also include a word count. The minimum requirement is 3000 words.When you turn in your paper as an attachment make sure the file is labeled with the name of the disease you studied not the name of the assignment, please.You have three weeks to work on this so use each week for a different section and turn in what you have. failure to turn in unfinished work along the way will lower your final grade. Avoid last minute crises.

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