Watch the video titled “Groundwater Contamination” (4 min 35 sec)  under the Water Pollution terms section of the Science Corner. You can  also view the video at  Next, explain the main reasons why some groundwater sources that we use  may be more vulnerable to chemical contamination than others. Next,  suggest one (1) strategy that the government can take to reduce  groundwater contamination.

Access the Superfund Sites Website under the Super Fund terms section of the Science Corner. You can also access the site at  Click on your region of the country in the map and then click on your  state. Next, choose one (1) of the Superfund sites on the list and  provide a brief summary of the site. Describe the community involvement  (e.g., remediation strategies, current stage of cleanup at the site,  etc.) in the discovery or cleanup of the site and give your opinion as  to whether or not you believe the community involvement is efficient.

Imagine that you recently found out you live close to a Superfund  site. Identify the most important information you would want to know  about the site. Give your opinion on whether you would move to a new  location. Explain why or why not.

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