1. The sugar part of the DNA which makes up the sugar-phosphate backbone is ribose ( or more formally known as deoxyribose). 

2. There are two ways that chromosomes can be arranged to produce Trisomy 21. 

3. DNA replication is a complex process involving many proteins including a protein which unwinds DNA called helicase. 

4. This scientist was important in that she obtained an x-ray photo of DNA which helped determine its structure: 

5. Men with XXY syndrome can father children with medical help. 

6. Typically a human female will release approximately oocytes during her reproductive lifetime. 

7. One way that RNA is different from DNA is that it contains ribose instead of deoxyribose which is part of DNA. 

8. A day after fertilization the zygote undergoes the type of nuclear division called; 

9. Klinefelter’s syndrome is characterized at the chromosome level as XYY. 

10. Conception is significant in biological developmental science because it involves two physical events which show that it is the starting point for the beginning of life of an individual. The two events which can be found in some embryological text books confirming that conception is the beginning of life are; 

11. Polyploid cells have extra chromosome sets. 

12. In order to work with DNA in the lab to look at it sequence a lot of DNA is typically needed since it is so small. Many copies of DNA are made using a process called; 

13. Meiosis II is also called equational division. 

14. Most unborn babies that are autosomal aneuploids go to full term development and are born. 

15. About 30% of chromatin is histone. 

16. Individuals with Turner syndrome are missing a chromosome. 

17. Modern genetics and medicine have shown that many types of chromosome abnormalities can occur in the unborn before birth, however because most of these children do not survive in the womb less than 1% of all newborns have chromosomal abnormalities which produce symptoms. 

18. DNA is highly condensed and compacted to fit into the cell nucleus. During its condensation process it first wraps around a highly conserved protein called: 

19. XYY males were once considered to;

20. During DNA replication a protein called histonase copies the new strand of DNA. 

21. Which of the following are true about genetics testing of the fetus for chromosome abnormalities? 

22. Telomeres are found on the end of chromosomes. 

23. PCR has been used to amplify the DNA from a 7000 year old mummy. 

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