Question 1 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)


<object:standard:sc.912.e.6.1>Which Earth sphere causes the downhill movement of soils and water by glaciers?





Question 11 (Essay Worth 5 points)


Jonathan used the following soil triangle to identify a sample of soil as sandy clay.

Public Domain

Explain the characteristics of this soil sample that likely allowed Jonathan to make this identification. Include particle size and texture in your response.

Question 12 (Essay Worth 5 points)


<object:standard:sc.912.e.6.2>Matthew is a soil scientist. He has been hired to determine why there is a soil drainage problem near a neighbor’s home. What steps would he need to complete to determine the types of soils present near his neighbor’s home if he finds the soil is mostly clay? Prepare a recommendation plan to improve the soil drainage for his neighbor based on the results.

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