Imagine that you are preparing a letter for a time capsule for your great-great grandchildren, which explains the long-term energy sustainability plan that you developed in Episode 4 of Gamescape.

Write a 350- to 700-word letter for the time capsule using your Gamescape Episode 4 notes from the Role-Play and playing the game that includes the following points. 

PRINT OFF THE RUBRIC AND FOLLOW IT AS YOU DEVELOP YOUR ASSIGNMENT.Briefly describe the NATION’S current energy situation as it is TODAY – what is going on today with our energy supplies? (as this would also impact the decisions you made for Sparksville). What is our reliance on oil and renewable energy sources available?Discuss some challenges that our NATION faces with managing our energy resources and how these challenges have affected you personally. Describe the sustainability plan you developed in Episode 4 of Gamescape. You must include ALL CATEGORIES and the CHOICES made in the following categories within the game: Energy Management – what did you select? Land use – what did you select?  Energy – what FF and alternative energy did you select? Economy of Sparksville- how did your decisions impact environmental health, carbon-footprint, power supply? ENERGY MANAGEMENT choice?Identify two strengths and two weaknesses SPECIFIC TO  this sustainability plan. How can you address these weaknesses? Present 3 ways in which you hope our nation will educate people on renewable resources and wisely managing our fossil fuel supply. This does not mean ‘what you will educate them about’ but rather HOW will you educate the masses? How will the information be given to people? What forms of media?Close with one key message that you want your great-great grandchildren to understand about how our current society has managed energy sources and their environmental effects. 

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