Below are two separate discussion questions, choose ONE and discuss.Conventional Chemical Pesticides

Pesticides are those substances applied to destroy, repel, or control populations of undesirable organisms.  Conventional chemical pesticides are pesticides are synthetic materials that are commonly used to kill or inactivate a particular undesirable organism.  These chemicals have both advantages and disadvantages, which are outlined below.  Which single advantage and which single disadvantage do you think are the most important? Why?

Advantages of Conventional Chemical PesticidesSaves livesContains diseases geographicallyImproved crop/livestock yieldsNutrition and health improvedMay be safe if utilized properly

Disadvantages of Conventional Chemical PesticidesNegative health effects to humans and wildlifeReduces biodiversity in ecosystemsPollutes the environment by unintentionally entering air, water, and soil resourcesPests can develop resistance to pesticides, necessitating a new pesticide.May be expensive for farmersPopulation Growth and Water Resources

Of all natural resources, water is the most essential.  It supports vital processes of value to mankind such as food production, drinking water, and fisheries, among others.  Water may seem abundant at first sight; after all, approximately 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water. The reality is that supplying water to support mankind’s needs has not kept with pace with population and economic growth.  Discuss the role that population growth has played in water pollution.  List and describe 2 potential solutions to the potential “water crisis” we may face if water resources continue to be misused.  

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