Assignments completed in a narrative essay or composition format must follow the citation style cited in the American Psychological Association (APA). One page with references and they must be cited in the writing.


Here are this week’s essay options: Answer one of the following below

(1) In weather forecasting there are several sayings such as: “high means dry” and “the lower the barometer goes the worse the storm”. Watch a few TV weather forecasts and explain fair weather and storms in relation to atmospheric pressure systems (highs and lows).

OR (2) Explain in terms of heat budget and seasonality why the hurricane season in the North Atlantic is from June through December. Also discuss where the hurricanes that effect the Caribbean and the U.S. form and the wind belts and other forces that effect the tracks these storms take (why do they start where they start and go where they go??).

OR(3) It is a FACT that airline flight crews receive the highest RADIATION exposure of any civilian occupation (they beat X-ray Techs and nuclear power plant workers). From the diagrams on pgs 153 and 158 and some research explain how that is possible. Also check out the attached video clip on airline traffic around the world.

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