Prepare a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft PowerPoint slide presentation that details the specifics of your research paper. The slides should be structured into the same format as a formal presentation (i.e. include relevant information using the Notes feature to incorporate presentation material not included on each slide). 


In the presentation:Provide an introductory background of the selected West Africa Ebola Outbreak.Describe the West Africa Ebola Outbreak.  Describe the agent, the infection, the disease, or the condition.Describe the population at risk or affected by the agent, the infection, the disease, or the condition.Describe the epidemiology of the infection, such as occurrence and modes of transmission, common vehicles, and the incubation period. Use the modes of transmission and incubation period for a disease.Describe the occurrence, signs and symptoms, and control of the agent, the infection, the disease, or the condition.List the steps that might be used to investigate and address the disease or public health problem described in the selected research.Using the information obtained about the disease or public health problem, outline a hypothesis on the cause and effect and the source of the outbreak or event.Describe an epidemiologic study type to investigate the selected research topic, case study, or event. You may recommend a study approach based on the circumstances around the outbreak or event.Discuss how surveillance data, as well as monitoring and control measures, were, or can be, used to identify and characterize the disease or public health problem.Describe and analyze the outcomes and results in the selected research topic, including interpreting epidemiologic study findings, if reported in the case study.

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