The disease is Phenylketonuria!!!!!!!!!!!

Part 1:

Select an inborne error in metabolism which causes a disease that negatively affects a macro-nutrient. Fat, sugar or protein is either mal-absorbed or incorrectly stored or metabolized. There are many of them listed in the chapters for those macros. (Do not do diabetes please-select something more obscure or rare). (also do not pick atherosclerosis or marasmus and kwashiorikor) Write a 1-2 page, single spaced article about the disease and what causes it. Include 2 minimum scientific peer-reviewed references-your book is not one of the 2 references but could be reference # 3. Check out the references at the end of the chapters for that disease.  Write this section (Part 1) as if you were writing to fellow health professionals.  

Part 1 is worth 80 points

Part 2 is worth 80 points.

For part 2, select a patient, you determine the age and sex of the patient and re-word your part one above as if you were explaining it to your patient. Put it in a language you feel they will understand and use examples to help clarify. 1-2 pages, single spaced.  

Part 3 is worth 40 points.

For part 3, write a recommendation of changes to the patient’s diet in a language the patient understands. 1 page single spaced. 

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