1. Which external sources are usually used by small businesses for finding new employees?


2. What are some advantages and disadvantages of filling job openings from within the company?


4. What does the personnel selection procedure involve?


6. What are the primary methods used to train employees? Explain each.


2. How would you define (or explain) good human relations?


4. Why is communication so important in small business? What are some barriers to effective communication? How can these barriers be overcome?

6. What are some practical ways to improve employee motivation?

2. Explain some of the more important general factors affecting location?

3. Explain the two most important factors in choosing a retail location.

4. Explain the two most important factors in locating a manufacturing plant.

5. Explain the steps involved in planning facilities.

1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of buying locally versus buying from a distant seller.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of shopping at a single store rather than at several?

1. Why is planning for profit so important to a small business?

6. What steps are needed in profit planning?

1. What is control? List the steps in an effective control process?

2. What are performance standards? Why are they used? List some examples.

1. What re some of the management decisions owners of small businesses must make?

2. What types of information do they need to make those decisions?

1. What is meant by risk management?

2. Distinguish between pure risk and speculative risk as they apply to small business.

3. Discuss four ways small firm can cope with risk.

2. What is a tort?

4. Describe some of the assistance available to small firms from government agencies.



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