Write and submit a short paper. In a 400-word paper, respond to the questions posed within the Seminar description.


Come to Seminar prepared to discuss the following questions:What are the technological advantages of a program like SETI?Using the sources provided, find a citizen science project and describe the goal of the project. What is required for those that sign up to participate?Sometimes it is not possible to make long term commitments, but most of us can participate in annual events. What is the value of ecological surveys like the annual Christmas Bird Count conducted through the Audubon Society, which occurs only once a year?What are the risks of creating this sort of program? How can the data be confirmed accurate/reliable?

To earn Seminar credit for this unit, complete one of the following options below:

Option 1:

Participate in a synchronous Seminar. The School of General Education’s Science Department Seminars are meant to be an interactive period between students and instructor – not a lecture period. In order to fully participate in Seminar be sure to prepare ahead of time by reviewing the provided materials. It is recommended that students create a MS Word document including responses to the Seminar questions listed, as well as any questions you may have on the topic. These questions and comments can then be easily copied and pasted into the Seminar chat screen throughout our Discussion. Be sure to respond to questions posed by your instructor and feel free to share your own thoughts, ideas, and questions related to the topic. It is important to participate throughout the hour. Your active participation helps to advance the Discussion and allows your instructor to determine which areas warrant further exploration.

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