Plagiarism free, APA format, abstract is not required but solid academic writing is expected.  Need both part 1 and 2. Need back by July 3, 2017 at 7pm Central time.


Part 1 Identify a current resource available for those needing assistance before or after the death of a loved one. An example might be a funeral home, hospice care, insurance company, or financial institution. Phone interview at the institution, company, or organization that you selected in Chicago, IL Submit ten questions that you will ask during the interview. Explore the website of the resource that you selected. Submit the name of the institution, company, or organization in Chicago IL and describe their mission.

Part 2

Write a 900-word essay of the interview you conducted in Part 1. Include the following in your essay, includes three scholarly references.


Number and list your interview questions. If you had follow-up questions, include those also.  Write a reflection that includes the following:

  Five key factors that you learned about the services being provided Identify what the strengths and challenges of working with this service might be for the individual who has experienced the loss Identify and describe recommendations you might make for someone in this situation.



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