Final Lab Report

For your Final Lab Report, you will use the information from Labs 1 and 2 and write a formal, comprehensive lab report.

To prepare for this Application: Review Instructor feedback about your previously submitted lab reports and from last week’s Discussion about your Public Service Announcement.

Recall your Week 1 Application that asked you to hypothesize and conduct an experiment using the scientific method. How will you apply these concepts to your Final Lab Report? Think about what you learned by conducting these lab experiments.

Use the Final Lab Report template, located in the Doc Sharing area, for your Final Lab Report.

The assignment: Prepare a comprehensive lab report that outlines the procedures, data, and conclusions from both labs and the Public Service Announcement.

The format for the lab report is as follows (always use APA formatting, which includes double spacing, 12-point Arial, and proper margins):

Title Page
Table of Contents

Please summarize in no more than 300 words the overall purpose of the labs, generalizing the knowledge gained from these activities and how it ties into what you have learned about nutrition in this class. Do not use references in your abstract.

PART I— Lab: Chemistry of Food

The subcategories for your report should be as follows:

Introduction : For the Introduction, do not use the information provided in the introduction of your lab. Instead, use at least two different resources to explain the background information that is required to understand the major terms and concepts covered in the lab.

Methods & Materials : For the Methods & Materials, please describe the set-up of the lab and how you conducted your experiment. It is acceptable to use the word “I” in this section. Use it sparingly, though, as it is not commonly accepted in scientific papers.

Data : For the Data section, please create a table or bullet points that clearly summarizes the data you collected.

Results & Conclusions : For Results & Conclusions, please summarize the results, linking the information back to the introduction of the topics. Why did you expect the results you got, or if you did not get the results as expected, why not? Were there any possible sources of error which might have affected the results of this experiment? Identify two possible experimental errors. Provide a summary of the overall knowledge you learned on the subject in this section.

PART II—Lab: Enzymes and Lactose Intolerance

Repeat above instructions for second lab.

PART III–Public Service Announcement

If possible, paste your PSA into Part III. If not, please make a note that it is a separate file being submitted at the same time as this lab report.


Appendix  (this includes any charts or graphics you may have found from outside references)

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