Chapter 8

1.  Define hazardous energy.

2.  List four ways to categorize the status of hazardous energy.

3.  Define ground gradient and step potential.

4.  Why are UPS systems hazardous?

5.  How can electrical shock hazards be detected, and what steps can be taken to avoid them?

6.  List the communication steps that should be taken when anyone discovers an imminent energy threat.

7.  List several forms of alternative energy and their associated hazards.

8.  Name the two most common utility gases and list several hazards associated with them.

9.  Describe the differences between a BLEVE and a PUVCE.

10.  List the hazards associated with utility water and storm sewer systems.

11.  Give examples of mechanical hazardous energy.

12.  List the hazardous energy sources in vehicles.

13.  What are the four considerations relating to weather as a hazardous energy that need to be evaluated?

14.  List some warning signs that extreme weather is approaching.

15.  List several sources of miscellaneous hazardous energy.

16.  Describe the general protective actions that need to be taken when an imminent hazardous energy threat has been found.

17.  Describe the methods used to establish and mark hazard zones necessary to protect members from potential hazardous energy sources.

Chapter 9


1.  What is work hardening and how can it be accomplished?

2.  What are the three ergonomic stressors that can lead to overexertion?

3.  What are the three ā€œAā€™sā€ to help mitigate ergonomic hazards?

4.  List the types of heat stress and cold stress injuries, and give some signs and symptoms of each.

5.  What criteria should an ISO use to proactively prevent heat and cold injuries?

6.  List two examples of passive cooling and two methods of active cooling.

7.  At minimum, how much water should working firefighters drink at an incident?

8.  What three ingredients need to be balanced to help human cell performance?

9.  Commercially available energy bars should ideally contain what percentage of each of the three food groups?

10.  What is the difference between self-rehab and formal rehab?

11.  List the types of incidents that should require formal rehab.

12.  List the signs and symptoms of cardiac distress or injury potential.

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