Select a site from the National Priorities List (NPL) related to water pollution within your own state.

Develop a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation showing a map of the selected location and the main components involved in your selected area (e.g., the sources of contaminations).

Your presentation must include the following:Introduction must include a brief history of the selected NPL site and how far this site is from your own home. Describe any potential impact from this site on your area.The slides should show the interactions between humans and the hydrologic cycle. Show all the factors related to human activities that are affecting each part of the hydrologic cycle.Include source(s) of contaminations.Include list of pollutants.Include the impact and effect of these chemicals on the environment and on humans.Include proposed cleanup options and progress of the cleanup.Conclusion should include your thoughts and evaluations of the effort of both the government (EPA) and the responsible party.Use at least 3 credible sources in your research

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