1. The terms germ and microbe are often used interchangeably. What comes to mind when you hear the word germ?

2. Define the term microbiome. List some examples of microbes that comprise the human microbiome. Additionally, list and discuss the two categories discussed in class and the recorded lecture videos into which the human microbiota is divided.

3. Explain, using Video 2’s “Heidi Helicobacter’s story” as an example, how microbes can be both beneficial and harmful. Provide at least one more example of a benefit obtained from a microbe and an example of harm that can be caused by a microbe.

4. What are some factors that can lead to disruption of a healthy microbiome? How can we avoid such factors?

5. Based upon your viewing of the fecal microbiota transplant (FMT) video, describe what this treatment modality is and why it is utilized? If a patient should have the need for receiving FMT, who should be the donor(s) and why?

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