Prepare a Strength/Weight/Resistance Training program design appropriate for a “self-selected” client who has never participated in a resistance training program.  You must develop a 6-8 week “training cycle “(only including resistance training) in chart form and provide a detailed example of a single day’s workout(s).  Finally, you are to assume that your chosen client has been medically cleared by their physician to participate in your resistance training program, but you must design their program based upon their current fitness status, career/job demands, and muscular endurance and/or strength goals.

You must address and/or consider the following as you create your program design:

a) Your paper is to be double spaced, with 1.25 inch margins, with Times New Roman 12-font, and be no less than five pages and no more than 8 pages. 

b) Make sure that you have an introduction where you explain the reasons for your client choice and include a specific statement that deals with what you are going to attempt to do for and with the client (ie. a mission statement)!

c) Don’t forget to consider your client’s current health/fitness status.

d) If you do not outline the client’s health history then you will automatically lose five points.  Also, if you fail to have any semblance of a client profile, you also lose twenty points.

e) The body of the paper counts for the majority of the assignment’s points.  This is where you must address all chosen exercises, provide justification for selection of each exercise, have a meso-cycle for a 6-8 week period, accurately describe a full day’s workout (this will change if you split the client’s workout into upper body vs lower body or have specific muscle groups on different days—then, in this case, you must describe each “different” day).

f) List the primary, secondary, and opposing muscle groups targeted for each resistance training (RT) exercise.

g) Be specific in your choices of exercise equipment, alternative exercises, and/or bodyweight exercises, and consider the level of the person you have chosen!

h) Have a logistical order of the entire workout and each exercise that makes up the whole workout!

i) Your reps, sets, and recovery (for your client) should represent what you have your client training for (ie. muscular endurance, muscular strength, power, etc.).  Discretion will be utilized to deduct points if you describe things “wrong” or fail to mention things that should be in your paper.

j) Justify all your statements and exercise selections!

k) Have a conclusion section where you provide a brief summary of what their program will entail and then give a “future” viewpoint of where the program will go next. If you fail to address what your client will do in the future, workout wise, then you will automatically lose five points and if you do not have a conclusion section, then 20 points will automatically be deducted from your final score. 

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