Lab 1 – Measuring pH Levels 

You will be conducting lab and field tests to determine pH levels of collected samples. Enter the Lab through the third item in each Unit’s MUSE and proceed to Unit 1. The MUSE can be accessed by clicking on Learning Materials. Use all available resources in your lab environment, as well as the provided course materials and web resources to complete your lab report. 

Click here to access this week’s Lab Report.

In your lab this phase, you will be testing the pH levels of various samples before going into the field to apply your findings.

Click here to access this online module that lets you test pH levels to determine whether each substance is acidic, basic, or neutral.


Click here for a more advanced chemistry module that lets you see how strong and weak acids differ from one another. You can test the pH levels of solutions in other ways as well, including measuring the conductivity. You can also determine how strength and concentration affect pH levels.


Interactive Simulations. (2011). Retrieved from the University of Colorado at Boulder 

Web site:


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