This is assignment Unit 8

Write an annotated bibliography for at least three (3) of the sources that I will plan to use for the Unit 9 assignment.

The bibliography should be at least 500 words in length. minimum of 3 sources I plan on using for the Unit 9 assignment . (I CAN SEND YOU AN EXAMPLE OF THE ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY that will assist you with meeting APA expectations for this assignment.) pls let me know.


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Source: Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Healthy People 2020. Retrieved from


This is assignment Unit 9 Total slide is 15

 Title slide (1 slide)  Introduction slide (1 slide)  Provides an overview of the program(s) that are working to address the health issue. (1-2 slides)  Identifies the social marketing elements of the program and/or information provided to the media/public to reach the target audience. (1-2 slides)  Addresses cultural competency, health disparities and/or multiculturalism, including cultural and ethical values that can positively or negatively impact changing behaviors as they relate to the public health issue. (2-3 slides)  Explains the collaboration between stakeholders for program success. (2-3 slides)  Describes health policy recommendations that the program could use to advance the program (regulations, legislation, or policy). (1-2 slides)  Identifies challenges, including but not limited to reaching the target audience and funding. (1-2 slides)  Suggests next steps for the program, such as spin off programs based on the successes, or expansion to other areas of the community, state or nationally. (1-2 slides)  Conclusion (1 slide)  References (as many slides as needed) Requirements  The presentation should be at least 15 slides.  Each slide should have a minimum of 2-3 sentences of speaker notes in the “Notes” area at the bottom of each the slide.  Include the references from the annotated bibliography written during Unit 8, plus any additional supporting sources in APA format.


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