Cleaner Production and Eco- efficiency

Assessment Item 1 (2000 words)

Select a Region/Country/State/City of your choice and prepare a report on the current state of application of cleaner production and eco-efficiency practices. Such report, normally referred to as the state of cleaner production report, could include the following topics:

·         Profile of the selected Region/Country/State/City

·         Description of environmental issues

·         Potential Benefits of cleaner production to the selected entity

·         Steps undertaken to-date in implementing cleaner production

·         Cleaner production success stories

·         Challenges and barriers

·         Conclusions

The report should include a detailed success story on how the cleaner production assessment was undertaken in this instance.

Cleaner Production and Eco-efficiency: Marking Rubric


Needs Improvement


Very Good


Information Seeking/Selecting and Evaluating

10 Marks   Student gathered information that lacked relevance, quality, depth and balance.

20 Marks   Student gathered information from a limited range of sources and displayed minimal effort in selecting quality resources

20 Marks   Student gathered information from a variety of relevant sources–print and electronic but limited critical readings relating to the thesis or topic.

30 Marks   Student gathered information from a variety of quality electronic and print sources, including appropriate licensed databases. Sources are relevant, balanced and include critical readings relating to the thesis or topic.

Analysis and Synthesis

10 Marks Student conclusions simply involved restating information. Conclusions were not supported by evidence. Student work is not logically or effectively structured.  

10 Marks Student conclusions could be supported by stronger evidence. Level of analysis could have been deeper. Student could have put greater effort into organizing the product  

20 marks Student  product shows good effort was made in analyzing the evidence collected Student is/are able to organize  the product and made a few good connections among ideas  

30 Marks   Student carefully analyzed the information collected and drew appropriate and inventive conclusions supported by evidence. Student developed appropriate   structure for communicating product, incorporating variety of quality sources. Information is logically and creatively organized with smooth transitions.


0 Marks   Student clearly plagiarized materials.

10 Marks   Student need to use greater care in documenting sources. Documentation was poorly constructed or absent.

20 Marks   Student documented sources with some care, Sources are cited. Few errors noted.

20 Marks   Student documented all sources. Sources are properly cited. Documentation is error-free.


10 Marks   Student showed little evidence of thoughtful research. Product does not effectively communicate research findings.

10 Marks   Student need to work on communicating more effectively

20 Marks   Student effectively communicated the results of research to the audience.

20 Marks   Student effectively and creatively used appropriate communication tools to convey their conclusions and demonstrated thorough, effective research techniques. Product displays creativity and originality.


30 Marks

50 Marks

80 marks

100 Marks



The format of the assessment item is flexible. However, it should comply with the normal requirements of a paper published in a journal. The rationale behind this assessment item is to assess the student’s ability to research on a given topic, ability to cite latest literature and report on latest developments in this area and to assess the ability to write a research paper to the standards normally required by a journal. Students are strongly encouraged to get familiar with such requirements by referring to paper published in an international scientific journal.



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