Explain the medical and dietary differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Be sure to include specific medications, exercise recommendations, and dietary recommendations in your answer along with appropriate references. How can the carbohydrate counting (“carb-counting”) system be used to help ALL diabetic patients?

In the Unit 5 Assignment, you will be working with a person who has had poorly managed type 2 diabetes for many years and now is on dialysis (end stage renal disease). Poorly managed diabetes can damage the nephrons in the kidneys beyond repair. He has been referred to the county health department’s nutrition education department because he has been non-compliant with his dialysis nutrition therapy orders. The only information you have on the patient presently is the referral information that includes: referral needed for nutrition intervention and education re: dietary compliance. The patient has lost 15% of his “dry weight” (common term used in dialysis patients to obtain a more accurate weight).

What nutrition assessment methods are necessary to use in order to plan an appropriate nutrition intervention/nutrition care plan? Remember that you can plan to use all 4 types of nutrition assessment methods to help gain an accurate nutritional status of the patient.

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