Use this link to complete:

 It is a virtual planetarium you can use to find what will be in the sky when. (My location is georgia when you set on the map)


Using the instructions below please fil out the chart I have attached.

  Using Neave Planetarium or a similar virtual planetarium program, plan an observation session (or two, depending on the phase of the moon). Include in your planned observations the following objects:the moona planet (you may choose which one)two constellations (again, you may choose which ones)The following chart has been provided to help you with your plans and observations.After you have made your observations, submit a summary including a copy of your completed observation chart and a short description of what you saw. Be sure to include the following in your description:how many and which of the objects you were actually able to findwhy you think you were unsuccessful, for any you couldn’t findhow easy or hard you found the observation sessionyour favorite part of the observation session

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