Chapter 14

1.  List the federal regulations that may have an impact on ISO functions.

2.  To whom does the ASO-HM report at a hazmat technician-level incident?

3.  With whom does the ASO-HM likely work with at a typical hazmat technician-level incident?

4.  What are the IAP components that the ISO and ASO-HM are responsible for developing?

5.  Persons not trained for their hazmat incident assignments create two risks. What are they?

6.  In addition to the classic hot, warm, and cold zones, what other zones and areas need to be created for a hazmat incident?

7.  List the three hazmat rehab components that require close evaluation.

8.  What are the 10 federally required components of a hazmat response site safety plan?

9.  List five hazmat ancillary plans that may require ISO sign-off.

10.  List five or more alarming hazards at a clandestine drug lab incident.

11.  List and describe the three strategic goals for the ISO at a WMD/terrorist incident.

Chapter 15

1.  List several regulations that outline response requirements for technical rescue incidents.

2.  When should an ASO-RT be assigned at a technical rescue incident?

3.  For whom does the ASO-RT work at a technical rescue incident?

4.  What is meant by the “on-deck” system for crew rotation? What types of incidents should it be used for?

5.  List four specific hazards that are present when interfacing with medevac helicopters.

6.  A collapsed building made of cinder block walls and small timber beams should be classified as which type of collapse?

7.  List the issues that the ISO should address when developing a formal safety briefing for trench and confined space rescues.

8.  Describe the lighting tactics that should be used for a nighttime rope rescue event that requires responders to climb.

9.  Name five circumstances in which a duty ISO should implement a discretionary response to a reported motor vehicle accident.

10.  What is the difference between traffic barriers and traffic-calming strategies?

11.  Diagram a strategic approach to protect rescuers at roadway incidents.

12.  What do jet fuel, burnt plastics, and composite metals have in common at an aircraft incident?

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