Healh of Nations Term Paper

7 Pages

Size 12 font, Double Spaced Times New Roman

Basic College English Please!!!

At least 5 sources
Minimum page count does not include figures or bibliography. Please attribute your information sources both in the body of the text and in a bibliography at the end.


•          1. Write a Conventional Term Paper on the health system of a particular country or state.

–        Write a detailed research report on the health system of a country other than the USA   or any of the countries or states that we discuss in detail during class.

–        Describe the structure of the health system you select and compare it the USA and some of those we discussed in class.

–        Assess the performance of the chosen health system in keeping its citizens healthy

–        Present what you believe are the strongest point and weakest points of the chosen health system.

•          2. Document in detail a personal interaction with a Health System (US or other)

–        Describe the process of having an illness or injury and having it treated, including the expenses, insurance, hospitalization, diagnostics, etc. This can be done in diary format or as a narrative.

–        Include: the sequence, number and specialty of the doctors that you or friend or family member had to see to have your condition or injury treated.

–        Describe the type of insurance (if any) that you used, and approximately what portion of care was covered by insurance and what portion had to be paid out of pocket.

–        Describe the high points of the experience (aspects of the system that you thought were excellent).

–        Describe the low points of the process (things that could have been handled better).


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